Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the week in which clay was away

last monday clay flew off to germany for a pastors conference, and it was the longest amount of time that willow spent away from her dad (dad? whoa!). 
we actually had a really nice week too! we mostly stayed inside as the weather was atrocious (are you surprised?). but we did make it out to vacuum out the car, pick up some milk, have a lunch date, have a breakfast date, etc.
on wednesday we had two of our favourite-est friends over for a little sleepover/all night chat session. i felt like a child again! maybe it was all that homemade chocolate ice cream? i swear i didn't put anything in it!

he finally came home on saturday, and in preparation for his arrival, we made a welcome home sign, hung some bunting, and baked his favourite chocolate chip cookies. 
i had wanted to introduce paint into willows life for awhile now, and this was a perfect excuse! although all she wanted to do was eat the paper/chew on the paint bottles, i thought she looked darn cute covered in paint. here are some pictures of her experience. 

(see? CHEW CHEW)

its nice having clay back home, and things back to normal. willow certainly missed him. i could tell. she would get all quiet when i would talk about him, or when he would talk to her over FaceTime, she'd get really happy, then really sad all quick. sweet girl. 
i, however, didn't miss tripping over his giant sized boots...but i did miss his giant sized face! (love you babe.)

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