Thursday, January 31, 2013

bfg mug

as many of you know, because im sure i have mentioned it before...(in this post), one of my very favourite authors is Roald Dahl, and one of my very favourite books by him, is the BFG. i remember reading this book in the third grade, and i still have the very copy of the one given to me then. i mean, who doesn't like a story about a tiny girl who rides in the ears of a nice giant, while mean ugly giants eat her friends, and have names like bonecruncher and  bloodbottler? all the while eating and drinking things like snozzcumbers and frobscottle? come on, this stuff is golden!

anyway, a couple months ago i found this website, so i bookmarked the page and swore to buy one someday (but then promptly forgot!). then one day as i was organising my bookmarks (everyone does that, right? right?), i found the link again and ordered it straight away. i could hardly contain myself when the postman came to the door.

"i is the only nice and jumbly giant in giant country. i is the BIG FRIENDLY GIANT."

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  1. So cute! love it. I just organized my bookmarks today too, so funny.