Sunday, August 26, 2012

the week in which willow grew one month

it was the beginning of the third week in the fourth month of her life.

one morning she woke up making a sound i have never heard before. it was a happy little squeal, as high pitched as you can imagine. and she probably would've stayed in her cot that way for some time, but i couldn't resist that sweet sweet music, drawing me closer to her nursery! she started kicking her legs (as she always does) in excitement for her morning feed. and now, every morning since, she wakes up (from nap or the night) with that happy squeal. she also puts herself to sleep that way. also, she does it, because like her father, she loves the sound of her own voice.
(for example, putting herself down for a nap the other day...)

the next day, she started crying from a nap that she woke too early from, and i was startled, it wasnt her sweet little baby cry, it was the sound of a proper toddler! what? when did this happen? was it from all the high pitched noises she was making, that her throat could no longer manage that sweet little infant cry? anyway, it made me cry a grown up cry.

later that day, as she was having some necessary "tummy time" (which she has always hated, she would just whine and whine till i felt so bad i picked her up). i turned her over to her back while i went to the kitchen to grab something or other, and when i walked back in she was on her side, trying with all her might to get back to her belly. after a ten second struggle, she made it! so of course, i put her back on her back, then watched her turn over, over and over again. each time getting quicker and quicker. of course now she is a pro. the best part is that she still hates being on her belly, so each time she successfully rolls over, her face is not proud or happy, it's the funniest little look. like "hey, how did I get on my belly? I HATE being on my belly! when did this happen? turn me over!" because of this deep dislike, she now is trying with all her might, not to roll back over, but bring her knees up under with her arms straight. kind of like a wheel barrow thing going on. don't quite get what she is doing, but my best bet is she is attempting to crawl. (attempting!)
(a video)

some days later we were doing our usual round the house activities, and since is was the bajillionth consecutive day of rain/high wind/ all-around terrible weather and clay had our car (his broke down), we were stuck inside. bored. now, willow is a big girl. she is a eater. and lately i just cant keep up. even when my boobs are plumb empty, she is still hungry. so ive tried eating more, feeding her more, etc. to no avail. but anyway, ive been kinda putting off this whole solid food thing, because its kinda a sad thing to give up (being the 100% source of all her nutritional need). but since that day was exceptionally rotten, and we were exceptionally bored, i mashed a banana and on it went, straight into her mouth. oh my goodness, the look on her face. she lapped up that first spoonful then swiftly demanded more. so grown up. also, need i mention the poo that followed? weirrrrrd.
(some pictures of the experience)

Friday, August 24, 2012

deep in thought

if there is one word to describe the majority of willow's expressions (since the day she was born) it has to be "pensive". i swear, this girl has some deep thoughts going on in that head of hers. i cant help but wonder what they are. oh the thinks she must think! i took some pictures while she was staring out the rainy window yesterday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


the weather this summer has been so weird typical. hardly any fine sunny days, loads of dark and rainy days. there are even days when its both those things! four seasons in four hours? yes, indeed. this week was an exception though. late last week was absolutely fantastic (thursday-half of saturday). early this week was absolutely atrocious (tuesday-present). here are some photos of those occasions!


this day was INSANE. the nicest weather i've seen in this summer so far. so we picked up the quilt, grabbed a few chew toys (had to go back for some spf and a hat a little later, can you believe it!?) then we hit the beach! (well, we stayed up on the grass, willow has yet to go in the atlantic. i wanted to wait for her pops to be around for that experience. everyone has a photo of baby feet first touching the ocean. thats a thing right? but boy, was i tempted!). anyway, this day was just dreamy. i mean, there were ladies in bikinis, their kids playing in the sand. and chubby little french boys in the water! i seriously closed my eyes and pretended i was in france for a second, hearing the splashing of the waves and feeling the glorious warm sun, not hiding behind a single cloud. it certainly helped the daydream with the boys in the water speaking french and all. and all this was right outside my front door! it was just glorious.


(note: these pictures constitute a great majority of our days. not just this tuesday. but it was especially rotten outside, and since we had a few such lovely days earlier, willow was a bit more nostalgic)

this day was, like i said, especially atrocious. there was wind like i have never seen! the house was whistling with all sorts of creepy noises! and the rain? well, lets just say we had a moat around our house again. although that is a current affair lately...must check those drains. anyway, again, willow was feeling very sad by the terribleness of the outside. she gets very bored and fidgety if she has to stay in all day. so i set her up in front of every window in the house, on rotation, and opened those windows a time or two, so she can feel the wind and rain on her sweet little face. she liked it. i think. it was the best i could do!

well, heres to hoping that we will have more days like the first, and less like the second! maybe we'll get around to a swim in the atlantic if we're lucky. as of right now? this is outside...

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

willow's nursery

well, i am ashamed. willow's nursery has been (almost) finished since before she was born, and i STILL haven't done a post with the (semi)finished project. i really have no excuse! except for the fact that i have a four month old? (FOUR months??!). and i had to dig through my iPhoto to get all these pictures i took back in january/may. craziness.