Thursday, December 05, 2013

that one time clay was in california...or

also known as, that one time that a wonderful lady named kathleen and her great husband allan came to visit, or, that terrible, horrible, abominable sickness that made its home in both my babies.

like i said, these past few weeks have been a crazy mix of terrible and wonderful. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times! (it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness! wait, where was i?...) yes!

terrible = clay being gone for two weeks. which was great for him, but kind of a bummer for the three of us. also, both my girls caught a cold! the very first of many many things the two of them will share for years to come! also, this being willow's very first sickness (besides the wonderful side effects of teething) AND a cold for a 6 week old, it was very hard for all of us (i don't think i stopped crying that one whole very worst day). WHICH brings me to my next point!

wonderful = my long time friend kathleen and her husband allan came to ireland for a visit, and they were gracious enough to hang out with us sickies and keep us company while clay was gone. the poor things. but (victory!) they walked out of this house to their plane without catching the cold! (right??).
anyway, i just love this woman. she has been one of my favourite people for nearly 7 years now, and she just married her man this summer, but the last time i saw her was this time last year, so it was great catching up and picking up right where we left of. plus, the love that they showered on my sick babies was incredible! i just wish that clay was here to spend time with the both of them, cause i know her husband and mine would've gotten on great! guess we are just going to have to meet up for sushi come january?

here are some pictures of our time.

(our thanksgiving celebration. on friday. in ireland. not a pilgrim in sight.)

(ps. thank you kathleen for most of these pictures!)