Wednesday, January 02, 2013


last year was certainly one to remember. just thinking about how much can happen in one year is mind boggling. i mean, this time last year willow was the size of an eggplant, and now? she is here, she is growing, she is crawling, she is communicating, she is a force to be reckoned with! and us, we are parents! responsible for another human life! whoaaaa.

some of my favourite posts from last year!

our "first" anniversary (oh, you'll get it. read on)

the ramblings about public toilets (excuse my ninth month pregnant brain on this one, please)

sweet willow was born (or as my husband likes to refer to it - "the best and worst day of his life" - pretty accurate, i must say)

best baths ever (did i really bath my child in a plastic tupperware bowl? mom points, over here)

welcome to our village (some of the people here are kinda mean, dont let the pretty photos fool you! serious. watch your back!)

california in june (oh the sweet sweet water of sallys pool in june. its like something from the heavens!)

an ode to my rolly poly babe (need i say more?)

willows nursery (well, she likes it! i think...)

growing and growing (she literally, never stops!)

meet penelope (click only if you are brave!)

a tale of going to california (but guys, it was worth it.)

my favourite weeks in ca (gosh, can someone invent a teleportation machine soon?)

christmas (or you could just scroll down...)

so, going through all these old posts i noticed the slim pickings! im sorry! i will try better. i will certainly not make it a new years resolution, because thats just asking for failure. but i will say that i will try to update more. there, i said it!

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