Friday, January 18, 2013

hello mid-january, where did you come from?

wow guys, i guess i was really serious when i said id try harder to get more posts up. hence why i dont make new years resolutions!
so far this year has been nuts. and i feel like i have so much to say about it. we haven't really gotten off on the right foot, 2013 and i. but we are working on it.
willow, on the other hand, is getting along smashingly! and actually, one of the reasons ive hesitated to post is because i wanted to try my darndest to write something that isnt about my daughter and all her amazingness. but really, my life only kinda sorta revolves around her, so what else do you expect?

anyway, to keep myself  from diving into any details about this year so far, how about some pictures of the good that sum it up? ("thats a great idea, jannelle!")

ive been trying my hardest to make the perfect sourdough loaf! haven't gotten there yet, but i still have 1,000 more ways to try...

also have been trying to take more walks on the lovely strand (that is, did i mention, right outside our home? NO excuses!)

waiting for the tub to fill...(our only form of instant hot water is from the shower in our bedroom, so its a real treat when we heat up the water tank for a bath in the big tub (pictured below) )

oh yes, and penelope was dying to get in the bath with her (not joking, she's weird). so i let her in, but i promise i don't make a habit of it! willow was delighted though...

there was a good 18 hours where i was sick as a dog (food poisoning perhaps?), and clay was mr. mom for the day. take-your-daughter-to-work day indeed!

but on those days that we don't see much of clay, we do a little FaceTime. thanks steve! (jobs, that is.)

and then there are some days, (ok, there are lots of days!) where we cant really go much of anywhere because of the weather. but sometimes thats ok, there are still many things for a baby to do. stairs to climb! books to shred! dirt off the floor to eat!

on those days we do get out, although driving into town is preffered, sometimes we take the bus (it runs a whopping TWICE a day people!).

found these great items at a charity shop. clockwise: a teapot and creamer jug, two brass spoons, a cross stitch of a house covered in plants (also, notice the two distant birds? my favourite part), a large brass mirror, a stained glass christmas tree on a wooden base, and a wooden duck walker with rubber feet!

we (finally!) bought willow a highchair. its wooden, and can be a booster seat for when she is older!

and well, that is all i have for this bit of january. how is your january going so far?


  1. Love this post!! It's been busy over here as well, not as much time to blog when your little one is tearing apart the house haha =)

  2. is that a stokke tripp trapp? i'm keeping an eye out for one on ebay.. they're popular here.

    & let's just say, when you find that perfect sourdough recipe... you should send it my way....

    1. the highchair? no, its kinda a no name brand i think. i found it on amazon, but bought it off ebay (saved some on shipping costs...) here is the link!

      and about that sourdough, im still looking! its my starter im having issues with...

  3. after countless (and frustrating) tries, i have finally found a few techniques to achieve a good sourdough and good sourdough starter. i have tried a few methods before having luck and this way has worked best for me anyways.
    jannelle- if you'd like you could let me know what your starter is doing and maybe i could help assess what's going on with it?
    the starter recipe and method, with links to more methods on forming different types of loaves:

    also i love your new profile pic! you're so pretty!!