Saturday, January 05, 2013

being willow worrells mother: month 8

being willow worrells mother means watching as she gets better and faster at the whole crawling thing, because i know that even though she has still stuck with her original method (you know the one, like when those guys training for the army are in the mud under a barbed wire net? yes, that method), she sure is mastering it!

being willow worrells mother means making sure every scrap of paper is out of sight (which is particularly hard around christmas time, with wrapped presents under the tree and all), because I know that she will eat and thoroughly enjoy every piece she can get her hands on. which also means I will have to wrap a certain present over again at least three times.

being willow worrells mother means walking in her room to get her after her nap, because i knew that by the sound of her voice, she had just done something particularly daring, of course to find her proud little face looking at me with such excitement because she figured out how to stand up in her (not yet lowered!) crib.

being willow worrells mother means finding out that she finally got her two front teeth, because of a certain blood curdling sound coming from her mouth. yes, the terrible sound of opposing teeth grinding together.

being willow worrells mother means teaching her how to wave hello and goodbye, because i know that she thinks it quite rude to enter (or leave) her room without properly greeting the little wooden dancers atop her music box.

being willow worrells mother means having all the nappy changing accoutrements ready and at hand for her next nappy change, because i know that if i don't do it in a flash, she will start doing her favourite yoga pose, the "bridge" as i know it. and if her bum is still dirty, you can imagine how messy it can get...

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