Thursday, July 14, 2011

the thursday drill

every thursday morning till afternoon we go to kilkenny, a town 50 km north of waterford, to do the farmers market there, with the Badger & Dodo coffee stall. we love kilkenny. its such a great little town. the market is right outside the walls of Kilkenny Castle, a gargantuan of a place that was built in the thirteenth century. amazing view right?! yes. so i thought id share a few pictures of the market & its surroundings. for your viewing pleasure! (except for the fact that they are bad iphone ones...)

and because of all the different stalls, we get to eat a yummy lunch that looks like this! 

not to mention unlimited cups of the best coffee you can get in this country...

there, there! now you have officially joined us on our weekly trip. if you live in ireland, come by some thursday and get a rockin cup of coffee. if not, bummer.

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