Wednesday, July 06, 2011

recovery day(ze)

currently, my husband & i are in a state of recovery from the past week. clay is still battling his chest cough. he is on antibiotics now, & i am pumping him full of meds, so hopefully he is on the mend!

meanwhile, i have been doing some gardening. tilling, mowing, trimming, watering, raking, weeding! i don't know what it is about pulling weeds, but its very therapeutic. (especially when you are cooped up with a husband who cant stop coughing violently throughout the day & night!) grabbing those suckers by the roots, hundreds at a time! the sound thats made as they are being torn from the dirt, the sad cry of the end of its weedy little life! & the lovely brown upturned soil that is left in its place! its all very thought provoking. though none of those thoughts are worth blogging about i can assure you. maybe next time.

now for another weekend full of coffee-ing & church-ing!

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