Tuesday, July 19, 2011

date day, also known as, new car day!

so for the past few months (lets be honest here, its been longer than a few months) our car has been giving us some issues. actually, not so much our car that has been giving us the issues, but more the evil, blood sucking vehicle quality test called the "nct". its like a smog check but on drugs. (eg. they will fail you if your car is too dirty!)
needless to say, our poor car has been struggling to get up to par. its been in and out of the shop to pass this test since early this year. to no avail! so we have known for a while to make a vehicular upgrade a priority. and since God has so graciously provided, we decided to take the jump. which leads me to my next point. are you ready?

wait for it...
wait for it...

there she/he is. in all his/her glory!

now before you get too excited (okay okay you can!) let me give you the specifications. its a blue 2001 nissan micra. our previous car was also a micra, so we love these cars, and so does everyone else in this country, because they are easy/cheap to tax, insure, maintain, etc. 
wait, lets slow down for a second, did you read that? i said its a 2001. we broke the 2000's! our first time ever in our lives! tis a momentous day! 
also, do you want to hear my favorite part? 
power steering! central locking! a boot (trunk) that you dont have to love and pet and whisper sweet nothings to to get it to open! 
also, a cd player! electric windows! speaker that make real sound and not just white noise! 2 years nct! taxed until april! 
oh, how spoilt we are.
did i mention we got it for a steal? 

that is all. 


  1. Sweet! So stoked for you guys. How many does it seat? I think I'll need at least 2 of 'em!! :-)

  2. Congratulations you two! Hallelujah! God is good. It's like you graduated:-)

  3. that is a great city