Wednesday, July 27, 2011

date day/weekend

this past weekend/monday/tuesday was a good one! want a run down?
i don't know if i ever mentioned, but we have had a missions team from denver, colorado here for the past two weeks, helping with the church and just being all around awesome! there were 10 of them, and every single one was so very encouraging, willing to help, and enthusiastic about being here in waterford and serving the church/community. they left on tuesday, and will be missed! thanks guys, so much!
so after this week of catching up, hopefully life will slow a down a touch. also, i apologize for lack of updates, both on here and on other various forms of social communication!

saturday was the usual market in the city center, and sunday was the dunmore east food festival. it was a busy day by the harbour, filled with people buying and selling yummy/beautiful local goods. although all i saw were latte's and americano's, and the faces that belonged to said drinks, it was a lovely day. here are some pictures for you to enjoy as well!

on monday we drove up to dublin to meet the team there (their flight was leaving early tuesday morning and decided to stay the night in dublin to make life easier!) and spend the day showing them the sights and adventuring around the city. 
and since they were the last team of the summer and because things have been so busy around here lately, we decided that we should stay up in dublin for the night to have a day together on tuesday before going back to life in waterford. we booked the first hotel we walked into, right across from heuston station and right on the luas tracks for ease of getting in and out of the city. the place was so snazzy! and for such good value! we hadn't stayed in a hotel in so long, we felt so spoilt! dont believe me? now for some proof!

check out the view!

 so happy to be there, wave goodbye, so sad to leave!

we had a nice buffet breakfast.

then walked into town, instead of taking the luas, because it was such a nice day, and we just had a big breakfast! after a while, we met with Andy Nugent on his lunch break. he works in dublin, right in the city, so we couldn't be there and not see him! it was so good to catch up. its amazing how fast time goes.

and then we walked our legs off all around that city. we meandered in to about every shop we saw. we sat and people watched. we stopped to listen to various buskers on grafton st. we enjoyed the sunshine in st stephens green. 

we got a dang good cup of coffee from 3fe.

we found a sweet shop full of ridiculously overpriced american goods. 

and we bought some of course.

and then we enjoyed the beautiful sunset on the drive back home. 

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