Tuesday, July 12, 2011

date day

yesterday, clay & i had a rather eventful date day. we have a busy week coming up with the church & such, so we thought it a good idea to get out of the city.
where else to go buuuuut IKEA! yes yes, we love ikea, even though it is an hour & a half away. but what is an hour & a half to the two of us who have a undying love for the mayhem & madness that is ikea?
oh, & the joys of the 50 cent hotdog at the end of our long journey through the maze of reasonably priced home furnishings! (standing up, of course, because for some reason they decide to put tall tables there, so at the END of your epic day traversing through the labyrinth of furniture & fixings you must stand if you want to eat! that is unless, you want to sit at the mini kids table with the green chairs, believe me, i have been tempted!) anyways, we have spent many a date day in the crowded aisles of ikea. in fact, valentines day dinner this year was a couple of hot dogs...with fries & a drink, of course!


i woke up early that morning, & let my husband have a lie in, whilst i cleaned & laundered! (what else would i do, seriously?) & when the husb woke up, we made some waffles! clay bought a waffle iron on a whim on sunday night (when i say "whim" i mean, he bought it because he had to spend at least 10 euro to get a free hotdog at lidl), so we put it to use straight away! waffle batter is easy peasy to make, & the options are endless for toppings & fillings! bring on pancake tuesday!
on the drive up i noticed the sides of the road littered with red poppies. they were everywhere! i wanted so badly to grab up a bunch of them into a pretty bouquet! so i joked about how clay should pull over & pick me some, like a gentleman would, blah blah. & guess what? he did! yes, he did. now, photos for proof!
he's a goodun.

& that is all for the pictures. i didnt get any of ikea, do you really think i even stood still for long enough? hey! i almost forgot, with this trip & with the bit of money that i worked my guts out for from the tall ships festival, we got to start on sprucing up our bedroom to make it nice & cozy! before & after pictures to come soon, maybe.

twas a good day! now on to a goodnight! sleep, that is.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog :)Thanks for it and the beautiful pictures..roll on pancake day is right!! :) Hope ye have a wonderful day!