Wednesday, June 01, 2011

sun tea

(where you find sun, you also find penelope.)

one of my favorite things about this time of year is making a nice big jar of sun tea.
sure, i use lyons tea and there isn't always sun involved, but if you add enough ice, sugar and/or milk, it is so deliciously refreshing!
the thing about making sun tea in ireland is, you have to get the timing just right.
you see, in this country, if the sun is out, you aren't wandering around the insides of your house looking for a jar to make tea in, you are probably already outside soaking as much vitamin d in as possible!
wait a second, strike that! in this country, NO ONE would be wandering around their house looking to make tea in a jar. "tea warmed by the sun? as in, no kettle involved? tea that you put ice in? silly americans, tea isn't made with ice and it certainly isn't made in a jar!"
oh yes, back to the timing of things. as i said, it all comes down to timing.
so if you are not outside when the sun is out, and you are wandering around the inside, find yourself a jar, some tea bags, and water.  because certainly when you woke up this morning, you didn't think, "this would be a lovely day to make sun tea!" because the sun probably wasn't out. but if it was, and you did, by the time you got around to getting that jar and tea bags, the sun is most certainly gone, hidden behind some dark clouds.
you see, timing.

solution? have your jar and tea bags at the ready, at all times!

am i making sense? probably not.
ireland has a way of confusing things.
especially when it comes to the hide and seek game the sun likes to play with the clouds.

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