Tuesday, June 21, 2011

making & baking

so i've been taking a few pictures of some things i've been baking over the past week. not much to be impressed by, but i thought id share.
i get most my recipes for baked yummies off allrecipes.com, mostly because of the handy dandy app for the iphone. by the way, whose idea was it to use an electronic device as a recipe book? the amount of flour, milk, sugar, butter, water, etc. that can be found in the nooks and crannies of my phone is incredulous!
i digress.

first off,
peanut butter chocolate cookies
i decided to make these cause we just got some jars of skippy from my parents when they came to visit, and also because my husband just about ate all his resees cups that my parents also brought. and boy, does he love his peanut butter chocolate combinations!
i left the peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, and peanut butter cups OUT of the recipe. (is all of that necessary, really? i mean, there is already chocolate powder and peanut butter) so hopefully that cut down the 230 calorie intake PER cookie by some. yes, you read correct! 230 calories PER cookie!

red velvet cupcakes
i wanted to make some kind of celebratory cake/cupcake for bible study on thursday night, because there was a birthday and a first wedding anniversary. so i though id try these out because i have never made them before but they were always so tasty! as you will see, they didn't exactly come out red, more maroon/brown because of the chocolate powder, BUT were so so yummy especially with the cream cheese frosting! raise your hand if you hate sugary, grainy, sweet sweet frosting! (me, me!) put the frosting into a ziploc and cut the corner. forgot to take a picture after the frosting was put on, they were gobbled up so fast! success!

rice pudding
we have had so so much milk in the house lately (dont ask!) so i wanted to do something with it other than eat five bowls of cereal a day! dont get me wrong i love my cereal, but enough is enough! so since this recipe calls for 2 QUARTS of milk, it sounded good! i read a lot of the reviews, most of them were praising the recipe, but there were a few saying the amount of milk was way too much. i followed the recipe anyway, and it turned out fine (still haven't eaten some. keeping it for dessert tonight, ill let you know how it tastes!). i might stick it in the oven to warm it up for dessert, we will see. also, i used brown sugar instead of white. 

so, thats that. more and more baking and cooking to come throughout the life of this blog, guaranteed. i am a housewife, after all.  

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  1. Where are the pictures of the delicious blueberry scones you made? What a great birthday treat for me!