Tuesday, June 28, 2011

date day

for those of you who don't know, every monday clay & i try to take the day off, spend some quality time together, our "date day" as we call it. its a hit & miss some weeks, but for those mondays that are a success, our lives & health are the better for it! we find it to be a necessary ritual because the busy-ness of life & the weight of ministry has a tendency to take a toll on our personal life. its a learning process but we know that our marriage is of upmost important to God. 
so i decided to share with you the adventure we call date day. now, i cant guarantee that it will always be exciting because some mondays we are too wrecked for fundays, & a good snuggle in bed & a few movie rentals might be just the medicine. but for those days we do something with enough details to share, look forward to a weekly post! starting now. 

today started out slow & without a plan. we had a friend from the church stop by who just got back from holiday in thailand, with a very crazy story to tell. then a few errands to run. after that we hopped in the car & drove north. we ended up in a town called clonmel. did some walking around, peeked our heads in some antique stores, got some sweets from a shop called "scrumdiddlyumptious", after...
had lunch at eddie rockets. 

went for a nice drive in the countryside

found this place! seemed to be a private residence, 
with a little girl playing jumprope outside...

pulled over for a nice nature walk, found a creek!

did some more driving with the windows down. 
twas a beautiful sunny day!

yep, we like each other.

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  1. Sweet! Nice to know you have a blog since Clay shared it with the whole world. It looks great, so keep it up!