Thursday, June 30, 2011

cookies & coffee & tall ships, oh my!

for the tall ships festival, clay & i are going to be working the badger & dodo stall for the next four days. i thought it would be nice to make some sugar cookies to sell along with the coffee, & also a good opportunity to make a little extra money. phew! what did i get myself into? for the last eight hours i've been shoveling out over 500 of these little devils! but if i might say so myself, they are pretty dang good.

beyond that, we are working this festival for the next few days, from 9 am to 10 pm. its going to be crazy! they are expecting 500,000 people for this event & with waterford being a population of 50,000 thats alot! so lets just hope & pray the God has his hand over this city for the weekend.
speaking of hopes & prayers, could any of you send a few this way for my husband? let me just start off saying, it takes a lot to get this guy down.  but for the last few days he's been fighting off a chest infection & as of now it has just gotten the better of him. thanks,

we've just got to get through the weekend in one piece! looking forward to our sweet sweet monday already!

see you in four days!

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