Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'rents pt. 2

so, like i said, my parents came for a visit! it came and went and all happened so fast! but it was amazing just having them for that little bit. we had an action-packed 7 days, they got to see the church and all that God is doing here in waterford, and i was so blessed.
now for a few pictures.

in front of the church

of course, plenty of snuggle sessions with the penelopasaurus.

thats my dad, isnt he cute?

awww, the happy couple.


on tuesday we made the long trek up to Cong. the village where the movie "the quiet man" was filmed. my dad loves john wayne! so of course that was a necessary destination!

okay, i guess thats enough for now. it was a lovely time! wanna come for a visit? 

ps. i love my husb.


  1. hey, Jannelle...hope you don't think this is odd, since I've never met you. I do love checking out your little life so very far away! Loved looking at the pics of your folks...for some reason, my eyes got a little 'watery' ....allergies?.. )

  2. Yes I want to come for a visit! :) Thank you for sharing! I love your Blogs......