Wednesday, October 31, 2012

punkin patch

we all went to the pumpkin patch yesterday, to pick a pumpkin or two, and because what good is it being in america in october if not to go to the nearest gigantic parking lot full of over priced pumpkins and smelly ride attendants? and i might be biased, but i think willow was the best pick of all the pumpkins there. 

(i melt. riiiiight?)

she met her uncle thomas for the first time, who was working there and got her a teeny wristband and so kindly let her have a go down the slide!

it took some meticulous combing (not joking, we have video proof) through a tub of tiny pumpkins, but she finally chose her gourd. and proceeded to eat it.

and then i carefully chose a pumpkin, baked a cake out of it, and we all ate it!

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