Tuesday, October 16, 2012


have you all met penelope? well, if you haven't, you will become well acquainted with her by the end of this post. penelope is a sphynx, hairless and naked in all her glory. we have had her since she was just three months old, back in june of 2009. we got her by a miracle of sorts (because God cares about the strange and wonderful little things doesn't he?), and she has been a pretty great blessing ever since. (well, most of the time).

her favorite food is raw liver or a lambs heart, but her daily meal is raw chicken, straight off the bone. i know, sounds appetising. but she is in cat heaven. (she is quite the messy eater though, which is pretty gross...ie. blood and bones left on the floor, like some kind of crime scene...)

(her bithday lambs heart, hence the candle. and yes, thats corn on the cob)

because we were living in an apartment in the city at the time, and because she is hairless and helpless to outdoor elements, and also because i hate cat litter something fierce, i decided to toilet train the poor soul. yes, i said toilet train. with the exception of flushing after she is finished, penelope will do her business on any toilet available. (except dont walk in on her while she's doing it, it will give both of you a fright.)

when the weather is cold, she gets extra needy though. which in turn could get rather annoying. she would gladly live in your hooded sweatshirt, or under your cozy blanket, or even in your beard. her best friend during the winter months is the wood stove, which is usually well stocked with coal.

 (yoga over the years with said needy hairless cat.)

she also likes hanging out in windows, soaking up those magnified when-there-is-sun rays.

she's been extra annoyingly needy lately though, ever since willow came around. i mean the, she is on your lap before you even sit down, kind of needy! but to her credit, since willow has grown some, and is therefore more interactive, penelope has been so very patient and even sweet and gentle, (yes i said sweet! now be quiet!). amidst willow grabbing her tail, and yanking her skin, i guess any attention, albeit rough and painful, is better than none in penelopes eyes.

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