Tuesday, October 30, 2012

california: week one

we have been thoroughly enjoying our time here so far. i cant even believe that its only been a week. maybe its all the 3 or 4am wake up times that make our day last twice as long? at any rate, we do feel like we are taking full advantage of it all! here are some pictures of the best times! (or just the times that i had the head on me to take them). 

we never cease to be amazed/shocked/excited about the sizes of the retail stores here. in fact, i dont think there is such a place that is under 50,000 square feet? haha

all you can eat sushi, and my first trenta! 

birthday breakfast. (looking at this now turns my stomach!)

willow enjoying some freshly juiced carrots.

we have also (obviously) been enjoying the many types of glorious american cuisine, all of which i have not taken pictures of, which is kind of a good thing, because you would think we are gross for eating that much in that small amount of time.

willow has been loving all this time that she has been spending with her dad. they are becoming the best of friends and she even (gasp!) reaches for him when she is in my arms. 

willow has been in baby heaven. loving her cousins expansive toy land!

willow has also been loving sally's pool and her rocking new sunglasses. this californian sun is a bit much for her little irish eyes. cant handle the shine!

having her nightly bath in the kitchen sink, because the one and only bathroom was occupied.  she loved it! she also loved her aunt's kisses.

in fact, she has been very kissable/kissy.

on my birthday, i woke up to a lovely birthday bouquet, along with a cup of coffee, a perfectly handmade card, and a bottle of champagne to celebrate with that night. thanks love. (in other news, the next day, he bought me probably the best gift a girl who lives in the kitchen could ask for. can you guess what it is?)

thats my grandma (my dads mom) on the right. does she look familiar? those cheeks! those rolly arms! those round eyes!

and finally, after all that you probably want to pass out like this, the way willow has almost every night.

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