Saturday, October 06, 2012

no 'poo

lately, ive seen this "no 'poo" trend floating around pinterest and facebook, and given the relationship i have had with my hair ever since willow was born (see this post), i was desperate for something different. and short of chopping my hair completely off, i was willing to do something drastic.

"no 'poo", means no more washing your hair with shampoo (or using conditioner for that matter). its meant to make your hair fuller, and livelier and all around healthier/better. there are loads of bad things found in commercial hair "care" products, that for me, i think outweighs the good. now, i know im probably a bit late to jump on the whole "no 'poo" bandwagon. after all, it has been a trend since the beginning of mankind (im talking eve in the garden!) and considering commercial shampoo only became a thing at the turn of the 20th century, what did they do before all that? im betting, nothing!

now, before you get all "ewww" on me, i do wash my hair still. about every three/four days i wash with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 1tbsp baking soda to 1 cup water for the "shampoo" (scalp only!) and 1tbsp apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water for the "conditioner".  easy peasy!

anyhow, im three weeks into it and i must say that day 9 was the hardest. it was itchy itchy itchy.
so much so, that on day 10, i had my husband do an inspection for creepy crawlies. (negative results, btw! phew)
and on day 12, when that crow pooped on my head as soon as i walked out the front door on the way to church, you bet i was WISHING i had a bottle of proper shampoo to lather up with.
and also, how on every day since the first wash, i realised how terrible apple cider vinegar smells in the steam of the shower? i feel like i should be eating a cucumber.

day one

day twenty-one

okay, a couple things:
one, i apologise profusely for the unprofessional/awkward/terribleness that is the quality of these pictures. what can i do when i have a fussy babe whose top teeth are about to emerge any second?
second, from even the quickest glance my hair looks a million times better on day one than three weeks into this little experiment. i definitely did not brush/prepare for these pictures.  
third, it might look worse on day twenty-one, but my hair feels much better than before. it feels thicker and fuller. and okay okay, i promise to brush it now and then.
fourth, i mostly just like the fact that i don't have to buy shampoo and/or wash my hair anymore. 

in conclusion, we will see how long i stick with this. i really like that fact that i wont have to worry about bringing/buying shampoo anymore (which will make travel and staying as guests at houses, etc. super easy), and i love the fact that i can save money on shampoo that really isn't doing anything good for my hair in the first place. i also love that i can do anything in regards to my hair/skin with just the things i have in my kitchen. 

also, a big thumbs up to my husband for doing all of this with me.

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  1. I tried the no 'poo, but my Sicilian heritage has bequeathed oily skin and hair that makes it impossible. I need lather to cut the grease. I'm currently using this "organic" shampoo made from coconut milk (that still has a few questionable ingredients I can't pronounce), but I saw a thing on Pinterest about using coconut milk & Dr. Bronner's that I might try.