Friday, July 27, 2012

willow meets a willow

we went to dundalk for a couple days so little miss willow could meet her extended family up there. it was SO sweet. i just love all those people, and i love my daughter, so to see them all together was special.

on the way back down we had to make a stop in a town called mullingar, where clay had a barista training appointment for a pub thats gonna start using badger & dodo. it was a two hour session, so willow and i were on our own. we made a beeline for the park! well, actually it was a pleasant discovery on our part, but we made no previous stops! it was a fine day. certainly not one to be spent driving all throughout it! (which is precisely what we did buuuuut...) anyway! we found a park and planted ourselves under the willow tree by the pond. it was the first time she had ever seen a willow tree up close and personal before. and i think she liked it! how could she not? i am her mother and they are her namesake after all...

here are some more pictures of our time at the park. good luck containing yourself over the cuteness of my baby girl. (or is that just me?)

drooooool for days

do you see that behind us? SUN!

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  1. You are both so cute, and I love the reflection in the water!!