Friday, July 20, 2012

on losing my hair (and sometimes my mind)

while i was pregnant my hair was so amazingly amazing (am i allowed to say that about myself?). i mean, compared to its usual non-pregnant regular annoyingness, it was full and wavy and healthy and no split ends! and it grew like a ...a...(what grows really fast? weed? no, thats not very nice sounding...i digress.)  anyway, it was probably like the second best perk about being pregnant (you can probably guess what the first one is. hint: it rhymes with schmigger schmoobs).
but now it seems like its coming out by the handful! not joking, it really does. sometimes its so much i have to stop myself and check that there isn't a patch of bald on my head (again, not exaggerating). i wash my hair every few days, and i DREAD hair washing day because that means i have two handfuls of lost hair to deal with that i don't want going down the drain. and guys, i am BRUSHING it nowadays too. and if you know me, you know thats a big step. my hair brush was collecting cobwebs practically.
now its on the days that i wear my hair down that i start to lose my mind. i find my ridiculously long hairs ALL over the place, floor, counter, arms, shirt, pants, SHOWER, all over the car. i dare not cook or bake with it down (yes, i've had that accident before. very embarrassing). and you should see the vacuums roller brush thingy! its INSANE! guys, I'm about to have an accident with the kitchen scissors. not joking.
how do i still have hair on my head? why don't i just take those kitchen scissors and cut to the chase? (no pun intended) if I'm balding anyway???!! ok ok, i know I'm just being dramatic and I'm not really balding. i know that this is normal and so many women experience it. but is it worth it? is that why so many women make drastic changes to their hair shortly after giving birth? and what do i do? do i just leave it up for awhile? and how crazy will i look when those hairs start growing? they'll be sticking out all over my head! ill look like i just stuck my finger in a socket! (maybe that'll be a trend in those days, if I'm lucky. the 80's are coming back again right?)

anyway, any suggestions from you moms out there?


  1. I'm in the same boat! Both my pregnancies, around 3months post partum, I'd start losing hair - it last about 3months for me. And I'm pretty sure I have a bald patch, from my daughter grabbing my hair and pulling it, then it grew kind of back - patchy, and my son then pulled on the little hairs.. AH! I've found the best way to handle it, tie it back! This pregnancy I couldnt deal with finding it everywhere. so I cut my hair to my chin and went for a new look for the next 6months! :D Take lots of vitamin b complex, and vitamin C. That helps. Drinking water, and not brushing to hard. I use conditioner to help it stay soft, when the kids or me run there hands through it, less chance of a clumps coming with it! Not much else to say than that really. Avoid stress! It just makes it worse! Praying for you friend! Its such a hard time when its something so personal! I've had many many tears over it!

  2. Hey friend! Coming from my hairdresser mother, she recommends taking biotin. It helps with hair regrowth..
    Also, you're a very creative person and I always think you do your hair cute, so I'm sure you look beautiful no matter the thickness!
    Best wishes!