Wednesday, July 11, 2012


willow gets bored pretty easily, and sometimes its when I'm busy and making dinner. and when all her toys are in the other room (or she is bored with her current one) i grab whats closest, usually its some kind of fruit or vegetable. this day she happened to be extra bored/frustrated with her lack of coordination skills, so she went through a few options before falling completely head over heels for an aubergine.

maybe its the lovely purpley color? or the fact that it large enough to not be dropped despite her clumsy hands?

she also had a lovely time with the red bell pepper. maybe too lovely of a time, the edge of the pepper fit perfectly into her tiny mouth and she proceeding to give it a proper slobbering.

she is kind of skeptical towards bananas though. she didn't really know how to feel, or what to do. which is kind of a bummer for me, because i love them. especially their lovely yellow color.

anyway, if you have a teething baby, i recommend fruit and vegetables! that is, if they don't have any teeth yet. i wouldn't recommend giving a pepper to a small child with a few front teeth. not a fun idea. BUT they can learn colors, smells, shapes, and even names all whilst soothing sore gums! (or at least i like to think so...)

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  1. Haha! We tried a banana the other day. It was the perfect chewy texture she needed! :) You're right, such a great learning opportunity too! Love your blog!