Wednesday, July 18, 2012

rolly poly

oh dear sweet willow ever worrell! how do i love thee?! let me count the rolls!

no literally, let me...she has 17 of them! 17 glorious scrumptious squishy (etc.) rolls! and thats lying down, mind you. legs extended, arms raised! the number of rolls are undoubtedly endless if she is sitting up. i don't even dare start counting. rubber banded rolls for miles!

there are some pretty amazing extras too, like what about the one giant roll around her waistline? does that count as one? capital O-N-E? and what about her chipmunk cheeks? storing away for winter? how amazing are they? and her multiple chins/neckless head? come on! and should i even get started on her dimply bottom? not joking people, it is not a baby's bottom. its an overweight, unexercised, saggy old lady bum. its nutso! (but SOOO lovable) and those non-knuckles/elbows?! give me a break, I'm gonna die!

i count her rolls almost daily, and give them kisses all over! how can you not love such a chubby babe? she is perfectly edible!
now, i would post a photo or two of her rolliness without a nappy on (frontside), but i fear it would be too much for the untrained eye. not to mention, life scarring when this girl grows up and finds out the whole internet world saw her glorious nudes. (seriously though email me if you do want to see. it is an opportunity that should not be missed!)

now here are some photos that show off her rolls/amazing extras stupendously!

and last but not least...

my all-time favorite one...

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