Thursday, May 10, 2012

passage east

last week (the ONE day that the weather permitted) i introduced willow to our sleepy little seaside village. of course, she was the sleepy one that day, so she didn't see much. but she did thoroughly enjoy being inside her cozy carrier, buried away in her mothers chest.
anyway, we enjoyed our walk about, and took some pictures for you to enjoy as well, since we realized that all of you haven't been properly introduced to passage east either!
world...passage east, co. waterford. (hello, hello, nice to meet you)

this drive down into the village has got to be my favorite part of living here. its like descending into an entirely different world, leaving every thing else on the top of that hill. 

(our house is in that row there. beachfront property!)
(oh, and don't get too excited by the word "beachfront" its not as prestigious here. unlike california)

(can you see it down on the right? i promise its there)

the church on the top of the hill has been converted into two apartments. they are amazing! who wants to move in?

the docks.

the chinese restaurant, and the two pubs. (count em, two!)

my favorite house in passage.

there is a ferry that runs to the other side of the river outlet. it goes to a town in co. wexford. this way cuts out like an hour of your journey.

its a pretty happening place to live. i mean, we have two pubs, a chinese takeaway AND a chipper. PLUS a post office! up and coming i tell you!
but seriously we are so blessed by this quiet little village. just the right place to start a family.
willow liked it. what do you think?


  1. I love reading your blog! Can't wait to come back and see Willow (well, and you too!)

  2. Beautiful pictures. We would love to see this place in real life. Love you guys, and love all of your updates on Willow! Miss you!