Sunday, May 27, 2012

oh, the places you'll (breast) feed!

some people say its weird.
some say it's a need.
i say, i don't mind, when & where i (breast) feed!

i feed her when she's hungry,
(she sure does eat a lot)
even if that when & where, is in a parking lot!

there are times that i am tired, 
i need a latte with an extra shot!
so, of course, that when & where HAS to be a coffee shop.

there are times that she is hungry, 
but wants a lovely view.
so we go out to the sea side and enjoy the waters blue!

sometimes when i am hungry, 
she gets hungry too.
so we both eat at a restaurant, to get our yummy food!

this one time it was noisy, 
there was a great crowd around!
so at the Africa day celebration, under her dark poncho was she found.

one day she was feeling fancy 
(she's treated like a queen!)
so that day she ate outside a castle, on the grasses green.

your baby eating when she needs, is not so hard you see.
as long as you're not picky about when & where you (breast) feed!

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  1. i love this. & i think we may have the same cover -- is it kind of suede-ish? a friend just gave me a gray one :)