Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 weeks & 2 changed lives

yesterday, little miss willow turned 4 weeks old and i cant even begin to say how much she has changed our lives since then. im not talking about the obvious changes, less sleep, more poop, you know.
but im talking about changes so much greater than those things. how even the way she came into the world, through that incredibly rough experience, she has changed us forever. how she has transformed clay and i, in our relationship with each other. how she has fulfilled our marriage, as if to complete it. how she has brought us closer together, even when it seemed we were close already. how she has made us love each other in a whole new way.
how she gives us SO much joy when she looks us in the eyes and flashes us her sweet smile. how when she wakes up for the morning and we all have a little time together in bed, and she tells us about her night. how even her every bodily function (how she flails her arms, and puts her hands into tight little fists, and furrows her little brow when she is poo-ing) brings us laughter. how she wakes up in the middle of the night, hungry and tired, but still wants to have a little chat with her mom. how she loves to see the world over my shoulder, with her head held high. how she tries to climb up her dad with her strong legs pushing against his chest. and how she makes us smile when she does all these little things, and so many more.

how she has made the two of us the most happy, fulfilled, blessed, people in the world. we look forward to all the other endless ways she will change us in the future, for our whole lives.

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