Tuesday, December 11, 2012

one of those naps

let me tell you something about willow and her naps...
she likes to keep them short and sweet. (kinda like herself.)
but on the odd, once in a long while days, she decides to sleep longer than 40 minutes on the nose. and during some of those odd, once in a long while naps, I'm telling you, she wakes up a different baby than the one she went to sleep as.
I walk into where she is sleeping, and I look at her and see it straight away. I say, "willow, you had 'one of those naps' didn't you?" and she smiles and makes some kind of noise or expression, that didn't exist before that nap.
once, her nose was slightly less upturned than before.
once, her eyes had widened, and had a different little sparkle than before.
once, her voice had lost that baby sound that she used to wake herself up to.
once, her teeny teeth had showed themselves more than before.
once, (and I swear this is true) she grew another roll on her thighs.
and once, she looked up at me, lying there in her crib surrounded by all her baby things, with a look so grown up, I felt like the child.

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