Friday, December 07, 2012

california: week 6 (also known as the week that disappeared because i have no pictorial evidence) + back to ireland

ohhhhh my goodness. this last week in america has been one filled with so many weird emotions. we've been sad, excited, blessed, and exhausted. i can't really put my finger on it. maybe it was this 6th extra bonus week that we booked this year that just was too much? or maybe it was because willow was around this time, and seeing everyone say good bye to her, just yanked our hearts out? i dont know.

but either way, we did eventually make it back to ireland, without much event. and now, we are trying our hardest to get back into the swing of things. jet lag is the worst in this direction, we get tired late, then we want to sleep in late. ew! and you, cold cold irish winter, you arent helping any! all of this not wanting to get out of our warm beds business is making it very hard to adjust!

but we're getting on. clay is already back into work these past two days, and willow is trying her hardest to not go to bed at 2am.  and hey, im back in full swing at this whole housewife thing too!


cant exactly publish this post without a cute picture of willow, now can i?


  1. Glad you made it home okay! California always misses you!

  2. i Love reading your posts !

    Visiting family after having a baby and having to leave is a million times harder isnt it? it kills me every time i have to take kyler back to california and away from my family ! I'm glad you all got home safely!

  3. ps i was wandering where you got your cute social media icons? i have been looking all over for those!

  4. My family lives in PA , Its so hard to say bye every time! we are headed over there in a few days i am looking forward to it ! I hope it doesnt go bye to fast! and thanks for the link i will def check it out!!