Wednesday, December 05, 2012

being willow worrell mother: month 7 (or, the month she was an American)

being willow worrells mother means discovering these incredible little edible things called baby puffs and ALWAYS (and i mean always!) having them on hand if willow needs a happy moment, because I know that nothing can put a smile on her face quicker than a handful of puffs!

being willow worrells mother means being red and scratched all over from two little pinching fingers, and still being okay with it, because i know that its a motion which she mastered after many a puff was picked that way.

being willow worrells mother means loving her silly little smile that shows off two very cute incisors that somehow managed to sprout through before her two front teeth, because even though she looks like a miniature vampire, i love her anyway. and hey, even our dentist was impressed!

being willow worrells mother means having to get really creative with her sleeping arrangements, whether it be in a car, plane, stroller, floor, playpen, travel cot, etc. because i know that she is kind of like her mother in the way of sleep. if she doesn't get it, on comes the cranks and the moods!

being willow worrells mother means watching with wonder as she starts to crawl for the first time, in a tiny trailer in the middle of nowhere, because i know that when she sees something that she wants (yes, it was food) she'll get to where she wants to go. even if it is a strange method of crawling, thats ok, she is kind of a strange girl...

being willow worrells mother means showing her many interesting things by pointing at them, because i know she is a very curious girl. and because of all that pointing, she quickly learned how to show me many interesting things too.

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