Thursday, June 21, 2012

water baby

speaking of water babies, have you ever read that book by charles kingsley? i know its a childrens story, but i read it a few years ago (well, actually it was the audiobook), and it was one of the most magical stories i have ever heard! maybe it was because it was read by a sweet english lady, whose voice was gentle and kind? anyway, i loved it, and you should too.
now, i know my little girl has legs and lungs, but she loved the water! she could have stayed in for ages. we took advantage of sally's pool and went in quite a few times. even for a quick dip to cool off. here is some documentation!

she also had some playtime in in her cousins slip and slide.

we're gonna miss going in water that wont freeze your toes off! i suppose we can just use our giant bathtub when we go home?

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