Monday, June 04, 2012

sunny san diego

oh, it feels so good to be back in san diego. not only to be seeing all my family and friends, but also...the sunshine! i havent seen a summer in california since 2007! and it feels wonderful! we are soaking it all up. little willow was having a hard time with all the sunshine, but i think she's getting the hang of it lately.

clay went fishing with his dad on his new boat and caught a 41.5 pounder on his second cast! it was some good eatin' (for days!)

willow finally got to meet (auntie) kathleen!

aaaand some starbucks sleepy time.

as you can see ive been kind of distracted and havent taken that many pictures. im sorry for the slim pickings. maybe its all this sunshine? its got me all discombobulated?

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