Saturday, June 30, 2012


some of you know, some may not, but while clay and i were in america we were inspired by my sister and her family's decision to dramatically change their diet (ok, ill be honest, we were somewhat inspired by our growing bodies as well...). they don't eat anything unnatural or processed, or basically anything with ingredients they can't pronounce. and we figured what better a time to change our lifestyle completely than when our lives have been changed completely already? (enter, the baby). so we took the plunge just after we got back from america, i literally had a shop ordered online before we left the states to be brought to our door the evening we came in (then proceeded to clear out the cupboards before i put any of it away!). now, this is ireland, in case you forgot, and that means there isn't a trader joes around the corner. or a sprouts, or a whole foods, or anything convenient, etc. but i discovered i can still get a few good things from the supermarket if i look hard enough. but as for the rest i would have to try a little harder. 
we already get the majority of our meat from the butcher in town (they are the nicest guys, i tell you! they ask about the babe and about the coffee market and all. friends!) but we decided to commit to get all our meat (and eggs) from them from now on. granted its a bit more inconvenient (city parking and whatnot) BUT its tastier, free range, grass fed and all that jazz. whoop!
now for all the little essentials, like organic peanut butter, local honey, coconut oil, flours, teas, etc. we have to get from a little hole in the wall health food shop in town. 
and for some super good organic fruit and veg we can get from our friend eamon at the farmers market in town on a saturday (or if we're feeling lazy or in a pinch, there is always some good options at the supermarket too).

here are a few photos of some of the food we've eaten this week!


we have these every morning for breakfast (per a suggestion from a friend. thanks grace, you were right!), they include a variation of the following ingredients: kale or spinach, frozen berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants) or frozen tropical fruit (melon, grapes, pineapple, oranges), two bananas, organic natural yogurt, orange apple or carrot juice, and some protein powder. so yummy and keeps us full for hours!


our most favorite lunch of choice, toasted tahini and honey sandwich. (bottom photo is clays packed lunch. with a side of quinoa and veg)


spatchcocked chicken with aubergines and tomatoes

grilled chicken with quinoa, corn, carrots and peas.

more grilled chicken with brown rice and grilled spinach. (we've been grilling everything with coconut oil, oh my goodness the tastiness!)

DISCLAIMER: now, i will never say NEVER (wait, that doesn't make sense? anyway, you get it).  because there are way too many good things in this world that i would like to enjoy in the future. can i seriously say that i will never be able to eat an oreo ever again? or a bag of orange skittles? no way jose! (but don't you think they would be better enjoyed if they were eaten on a rare basis?) or will we really go over to a friends for dinner and bring our own food? excuse me, how rude! 
but we have decided to make this commitment in regards to what we choose to eat in our own home. and for now, we have to commit 100% if we are gonna stick with it! will you help us? 

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  1. Totally agree with you on this! We're trying to do the same thing too, yeah it's more expensive but it's totally worth it! Wish we were closer, miss you guys!