Thursday, September 26, 2013

belly, bump, maternity, family, etc. PHOTOS

finallyyyyyy took some maternity slash family photos, after much kicking and screaming on my part. now, im not one for pictures on the best of days, so I'm especially disagreeable to ones of my enlarged and uncomfortable body these days. but after one million too many people encouraged me to give in, i did. plus, its not really about me, is it? this child deserves its womb life to be properly documented! and just in the nick of time! so here goes nothing!

ill ask you to forgive my cranky looking baby girl. i have no idea why she didn't feel like cooperating with the camera on this day! she usually charms the lenses off those things. maybe because it wasn't an iPhone camera? oh booooo. 

(and a many thanks to justine, our kind photographer for taking these on such short notice!)

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