Wednesday, March 06, 2013

winter, please be over soon?

this winter has felt like the longest, darkest, coldest, meanest one yet! I don't really know why it seems any worse than the rest, but it sure is a fighter. and maybe it's because last year we had a baby to look forward to at the end of it? or maybe because IT ACTUALLY IS, but I'm reallllly ready for it to be over. poor willow just wants to go on the swings for longer than 5 minutes without freezing her tush off and I would my toes to stay intact when we spend any amount of time outside!

but I guess it's only the beginning of march. maybe I'm asking too much of Ireland? or maybe I've seen too much sunshine on the other end of Skype calls with people in California that it's making me antsy. either way, could we get this over with? I'm ready for a summer of light layering with cardigans and skirts and medium denier tights (cause this is still Ireland guys, lest you forget). and ill leave you with a weather forecast for this coming week.

not so much COLD as it is wet, wet, wet.

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  1. I bet it is tougher this winter because sometimes with a baby you just want to get out of the house even if its just to take a walk! I remember weather like this in pennsylvania and just wanting the rain to end ! Now being on the other side of things i miss snow and rain and having an excuse to stay inside all day! I feel for you over there , i hope you get a day a of sunshine soon!