Sunday, March 17, 2013

st. patrick's day

clay and I moved to Ireland on this day five years ago. it happened by accident, and I didn't even realize it (post wedding brain) until we got on the plane in New York, and it was full of people wearing green (tall hats, clover shirts, beer glasses, the whole lot) yelling in excitement about their one day in Dublin to party and celebrate St Patricks day. and every year I think about the people on that flight, I see pictures of people's celebrations on Facebook, I see what goes on in my own city, and I read about the aftermath on the news.
and I always get thinking about this day. and how one whole day a year, millions of people gather to celebrate (ok, or they just wear green, get drunk, watch parades, and get in fights) this tiny little island and it' s place in the world.
but sadly, this day has nothing to do with it's namesake. and I think dear old St. Patrick would turn in his grave if he knew half the shenanigans that went on around the world on his day.
instead though, can you imagine what would happen if everyone put down their drink and prayed for this place? Ireland doesnt need another excuse to party, it needs another revolution like the one in St Patricks time. and it needs it badly.
BUT God is doing something too. and He desires a revival just as much as we do (even more!). and if I may say so, I think He is in the beginning works of one. so while we have yet to see fully the plans God has for this place, rest assured, He does have some great ones.
so while your eyes are on Ireland today, would you put your celebrations on hold, for just a moment, and pray for this place and it's people? and maybe celebrate this day for what it was meant for. that God used a man, small and insignificant as he was, to do His great and meaningful work in this country, and changed people's lives for an eternity.

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