Tuesday, March 13, 2012

nusery time

yesterday was the day we set aside to get started/attempt to finish (yeah, we're really on top of things around here) the nursery. and for the time and energy we had, we got pretty far! we put together the cot and bookcase, picked the layout and arranged the furniture accordingly, folded and hung up all the tiny little clothes, etc. below is a picture of the mess!

(yes, instead of just reaching for the scissors, i bite to open things.)


also, i got started on a couple little projects (see, i told you we were on top of things), and now its just a few little finishing touches that will bring it all together! those are a few mysterious close ups of said various projects. 


and as a bonus, my husband took pictures of me taking the "before" pictures. for some reason, i had my shirt up, it was just what was comfortable at the time, ok?

the end.

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