Thursday, January 19, 2012

making & baking

homemade french bread,
(this is now a regular in the worrell household) 
SO yummy, dipped in some oil and vinegar, 
with a steak and baby leaf salad.

chocolate oatmeal cookies.
haha, had a craving so i made it up as i went along. 
eh, they were ok.

butternut squash soup. 
how could i just walk past a butternut squash for only 69 cents, 
without making a nice dinner out of it?

molasses spice cookies.
so what, i made them red and green and well after christmas, 
they were still amazing. 

ps. i dont spend hours perusing the internet to find the healthiest, organic-est, hip-est, trendiest recipes just to impress everyone reading. i can guarantee that *most* of the things i bake have loads of butter and sugar, and everything else that isn't good for you, but taste too good to leave out. in fact, my husband thinks i should create a side blog filled with all my baked goods called "why my husband is fat." he thinks it would be a success. unfortunately, between this baby growing and the stand mixer clay got me for christmas, it would also be why i would be fat. so maybe later.

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