Saturday, November 16, 2013

the past couple weeks...

(ps. ive had this post halfway written and saved as a draft for THREE WEEKS. its not even a "work in progress" type post. its mostly pictures! i guess there are too many poopy bums to clean and too much sleep to be had...well here it is, better late than never)

wow. these past few weeks have been quite the intense adjustment. i dont know how all you mom's of many out there do it. (i'm sure you don't quite know either, you just do everyday?) (please tell me thats true?)

i think my most favourite part of all this madness is seeing the interaction between Willow and Winnie. for now, its (obviously) one-sided, but what i see coming out in Willow just warms my heart. she is just the kindest, gentlest, sweet and loving big sister. she never had any sort of jealous or angry behaviour toward her sister. in fact, if she ever is especially cranky, all i have to do is bring her to Winnie, and she immediately melts and says "awww".  so sweet!

as for Winnie, she LOVES her baths. she could stay in that water until it gets cold. ive never seen her more content and still! ok, thats not true, shes' pretty much always like that, she is a sleepy newborn after all...

everyday, when Winnie is down for her naps, i try to do something intentional with willow. just something specific for her to learn or enjoy. for example, baking! she's not quite coordinated enough yet to scoop and pour and stir, etc. and most everything ends up on the counter or floor if i don't directly help, but she enjoys it so much! and i get oatmeal raisin cookies (with a half cup more sugar than called for! toddler fingers!) or cinnamon rolls out of the deal. yummm. 

and here are some random pictures for good measure.

winter is herrrrre! 

but the sun still shines some days, and we have a lovely conservatory that gets quite cozy! 

in spite of the long newborn nights, the double blow-out poopy nappies, the double cries of insatiable hunger, the double whines for undivided attention,  this mom of two thing is a pretty good gig. (which of course I'm saying now, because its 9:52 in the morning and no major outbreak has occurred. ask me again around 9pm tonight, that is, if i haven't fallen asleep yet...)