Thursday, May 23, 2013

we made it!

we are in california! and it may be the jet lag/dehydration/extreme diet change/sunshine but these first few days are oh so magical! its like you don't mind a smidge when your baby wakes up at 2:30am, ready to greet the day, cause you've been lying there waiting for her first little peep so you could get up too! and thennnn there is this endless world of possibilities that you make sure to make a list of, and then wait with anticipation to do them. straight up disneyland magic, im telling you.

///our flight was pretty uneventful. it could've been a whole lot worse, i could say. willow was a star, as usual. but still, 11 hours on a plane with a 14 month old is rough. she pretty much crawled all over that thing (gross, but i got over it pretty quickly, amidst all the "you are a terrible mother!" stares. whatever. she was happy).

///our first stop straight off the plane, as traditions states, was the bear pit. for some good-for-the-soul-not-so-good-for-the-thighs, beef sandwiches on garlic toast with a side of baked beans and coleslaw. (oh, and dont forget the pork ribs and french fries and deadly amounts of barbeque sauce + iced tea. oh geeze.)

///not five minutes after we arrived at grandma Sallys, did willow discover the pool and attempt to dive right in. (not joking, this girl is fearless). while clay left to help his dad with his boat, we both got our swimsuits on and enjoyed some water and sunshine. what cold water and warm sun does to your swollen post-flight body! the perfect remedy. 

all this to say, i have been up for 4 hours, and its only 6:15. so excuse me if my brain sounds weird. 

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