Saturday, April 20, 2013

willows first birthday

my goodness, willows first birthday has come and gone! it was a great day, and to be honest im kinda glad its over. shhhh, dont tell anyone! 
anyways, the morning started off with getting the room all decorated and set up, we had it in a classroom thats a part of the church offices. we invited everyone from the church, so we were expecting a crowd. and boy, we weren't disappointed! there were a few hiccups though, willow had missed her afternoon nap, and my chocolate chip cookies were about the only thing that got her through, i hadn't washed my hair in weeks (and for some reason wore it down?? come on lady!), clay was wrecked from helping set up and studying for easter service the next day. BUT all in all it was a lovely day, with loads of kids and snacks and crafts and fun to be had. 

the theme was hot air balloons, since willow has this love relationship with balloons, and needs to have them in her hands if they are anywhere in her presence. (even if that means dangerously balancing in clays hands to grab the one stuck in the ceiling, or walking into mcdonalds and grabbing one without buying any sort of happy meal). 

so we set up this hot air balloon photo booth, for kids to jump in the basket and have their picture taken, and boy did they come out cute! thanks for the idea pinterest, but i think we one upped you in the awesome department...sorries!

and here are some more photos of willow and the rest of the days events...

(she WOULD NOT eat her smash cake. not even after tempting her with the cream cheese frosting. maybe it was all those chocolate chip cookies?)

(well, it was all lovely and great, but im glad her next birthday is a year away....!)


  1. The hot air balloon theme is lovely and you all look beautiful!

  2. I can so relate ! It's so much work planning a party! The actual day was so fun but I must admit as well I am happy its over haha ! I didn't realize our kiddos are so close in age! Kyler is April 21st what day is willows?