Friday, February 22, 2013

this week.

its about time i wrote another post to put that last post in the past. all of the things mentioned are still very much in our present, but hey, that doesn't mean you should be re-reading it, does it? goodness, no! nor should i! lets move on, shall we?

this week has been one of no extraordinary kind. its been terribly windy and freezing weather, so we haven't even made it out to the swings but one day! we did make it in for a shop though, when we dropped clay off in town, that was thoroughly exciting. i speak the truth! there could be disastrous consequences if you pick out the wrong bag of clementines! i mean, ask willow how long we stood there investigating. not only are we paying €3.15 for said bag, have you ever eaten a clementine that wasn't perfectly tangy and sweet? we are eating one of those as we speak, and its so disappointing! and willow, she is like the clementine queen around here, she wants them non stop. every time we pass the fruit basket she points and jumps and makes her little lip-smacking noise (which she does every time she's hungry or she sees something she wants, its the cutest). in fact, she had eaten so many once it made her sick (disclaimer: i have cut back on her allowance since that incident).

so on a week like this, when we are stuck inside and clay is very busy so we cant tag along in his adventures, what do we do? we play with a lot of blocks (she cannot stand to see one block on top of another, so its mostly me playing, and her destroying), we watch some baby einstein (the only one she likes is the neighbourhood animal one. sign language or baby poetry? she scoffs!), we chase the cat around the house (penelope hates it, but hey, she sleeps 20 hours a day, what does she know?), we try to fit the square into the circle on the shape sorter (to no avail. we'll let you know if we're ever successful), we (ok SHE) likes to make laps around the coffee table showing off her growing walking skills (and she is crawling properly now too, like not on her belly but on her knees!), she likes to find the things she's not allowed to have and see how times ill say no (and then laugh because apparently its a funny word), she's getting way too good at climbing the stairs (not so good at not falling down them, but since we got a gate, she now spends her time trying to open it), she'll bang on pots and throw around spatulas and measuring spoons at my feet while i make dinner (and i try not to trip), she'll soon get bored of those kitchen utensils and head straight for the recycling bin (not as dirty as it sounds, wash and squash people!), she still takes two naps a day and feels great afterward (mostly because she almost always wakes up with a poo in her pants, but also TWO NAPS!), and of course there are various other activities to keep ourselves busy, but PLEASE can we get some sunshine and warmth around here soon anyway? thank you.

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  1. We have ran into bad clementines here in Drogheda lately as well. It is like eating a desert.