Tuesday, November 13, 2012

california: week 2 & 3

we've done all sorts of things these past few weeks. here are some pictures to fill you in since the last update! 

willow sits on tables in public places, and also on things with wheels that are much to big for her, but she doesn't care about either.

all of our driving back and forth, means a whole lot of packing and unpacking, and it also means some nice sunrises and sunsets to see along the way. 

it was a bit chilly last weekend, so we had to bundle up! she enjoyed some quiet time out on her auntie's lawn, and enjoyed a good swing on the very porch that all of her aunts and uncles once swung.

we do alot of hanging out at grandma sally's, (we also hang out in her trees and pools). we eat good food, have good chats, and make good family memories.

we hang out in targets (exercising terrible parenting, sorry) and hang out in restaurants, eating loads of american sized salads and drink loads of american sized iced teas.

i got a much needed haircut, and it feels kinda great (although 5 inches lost is something im mourning!).

for halloween we were a sushi plate. she was a tasty piece of salmon sushi and we were ginger and wasabi. no body got it. haha. (yeah well, we thought of it and created it in two hours. give me a break!)

all in all, we are having loads of fun. we're looking forward to the second half of our trip. please don't go by too quickly!

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