Wednesday, February 29, 2012


happy first anniversary to my darling husband, it has been an amazing (plus many other synonyms!) four years!

ever since we got hitched we knew we wanted to do something special each leap year, as they will be our "real" anniversaries. so with this first one we wanted to do something big, go somewhere nice! maybe take a cruise or a short flight to mainland europe somewhere, BUT with this babe growing inside me and due any week now, i knew we couldn't really go anywhere (darn you airplane and cruise/ferry boat terms & conditions!). bummer. so, since we're stuck on this island, we thought we'd go to the north instead. i mean, it technically IS a different country. even though it looks the same, its only a short drive away, and the weather isn't any nicer. oh well. there is always our second anniversary!

we left waterford on friday and got a groupon for a weekend at a self catering house in ballycastle, co. antrim. it was just near the giants causeway and other various north coast destinations that we've never been to before.

and from monday we've been staying at another self catering flat in the city center of belfast. we have been to belfast many times before, so we are familiar with this city to a certain extent. but its been amazing being able to stay here for a few days and discover all sorts of nooks and crannies (and entire neighborhoods!) that we've never seen before. we've found some yummy restaurants, quality coffee shops, and more vintage/charity/book shops that we lost hours in. and for all the in between times, we have just walk, walk, walked!
so, with this whole new city to discover, we spent our anniversary doing all sorts of random things. i spammed instagram with pictures of all we did today, so i will share them on here as well. all in chronological order!

anniversary banana pancake breakfast!

anniversary good coffee drinking!

anniversary stroll through the botanic gardens!

anniversary ulster museum-ing!

anniversary REALLY good lunch eating!

anniversary napping!

anniversary used bookstore scouring!

anniversary movie seeing! (we saw the vow. yes, i cried!)

anniversary dinner! 

anniversary night time stroll back home!

anniversary ice cream nightcap!

yes, it has been a real nice trip. it started out with no plans, and ended up being full of good memories!

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  1. Awwww i love your blog! Miss you tons! I cried at the vow too but good movie.

    Love, Jaclyn