Friday, December 09, 2011


we finally made it back to waterford. after a long and very tiresome transatlantic journey, full of overweight and oversized luggage issues, delayed planes, no sleeps, long layovers, super amazing stewardesses, customs scares, and a moldy, smelly, long drive home.
its cold. its wet. its windy. its dark. but we're home! and it feels so good!
we have hit the ground running (did you expect anything different?).  our few days back so far have been chalk full of unpacking, house organizing/deep cleaning, doctors appointments, church appointments, church events, people meeting, grocery shopping, and lots of general catching up on life here busy-ness!
just two nights ago we squeezed in some time, before a dinner guest arrived, to get a christmas tree. and after dinner, pulled out our decorations, put on some christmassy tunes and christmasified our house late into the night!
(dont mind the little grinch sitting in front of the fire)

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  1. So cute! I loved seeing you guys this trip. Hope you're settling in well.