Friday, November 04, 2011

an update via instagram & camera+

my darling husband, played a sneaky mcsneakster and woke up early (not hard to do when jet lag is your best friend) and put together a lovely birthday morning for me. complete with a kindle as my present! im loving it, just ask him. he's thiiiis close to taking it away! 

do you see that thing? its called the sun. and yup, you guessed it! its out everyday.

clay went on a day fishing boat with his dad this saturday. came back with some yummy eats! and a farmers tan yet to be compared!

i stayed home, and hung out with my two new friends. mr kindle and mr golden sun.

in the meantime, we drink lots of coffee and tea's from various places. first up, peets. then the coffee bean & tea leaf. then, at our old stomping grounds, the overflowing cup (the coffee shop on the bible college campus) (with, of course, the obligatory open bible in the shot)

thats all for now. expect an exciting post coming in the next few days. big stuff coming up for the worrells!

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