Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 steps to eggs for breakfast

Step 1. get some supplies to build a coop. (do not try fitting these lengths of wood in your small car at home, for professional micra drivers only.)

Step 2. start doing some complicated maths in your head to figure out just how this coop will come together with little supplies. then, saw and hammer and screw your little heart out.

Step 3. form a triangular shape so its the proper length & height for two fat hens.

Step 4. don't forget to add some vertical planks to keep the thing sturdy. also, get started on building a door.

Step 5. finish the door, and start the painstakingly long process of hammering on the chicken wire.

Step 6. work late into the night building the housing unit out of scraps of wood found in the garage. 

Step 7. get some sleep and triumphantly finish off the housing unit the next morning. 

Step 8. let your hairless cat investigate the coop and give it a test run. yep, its dumb animal proof.

Step 9. put some hens in and let them investigate the coop. yep, it will do.

Step 10. collect two fresh eggs every morning and enjoy your breakfast in an omelet, over easy, scramble, or how ever you prefer. also, for perfectly eggy eggs, make sure to feed and water the little guys daily.


  1. Oh my gosh, when can I come and see this in person? This is amazing! I was totally talking about getting a chicken coup when I got my own place! Ah I love the Worrells.